19,Dec 2018

Mean It When You Green It!

Mean It When You Green It!

What is the heaviest term in English dictionary? Any guesses? No?

Let me share what the word is with all my readers – it is ‘responsibility’.

We live in a precarious world where nothing is for certain and everything is up for change. Whether it’s individual life extending into family structure, the community that we live in, the society that supports us or the larger global world that we inhabit – personal and collective responsibility to a better future is the need of the hour.

Ethical fashion is one of those ways where we can all contribute to make the world a safer, greener and happier place for us. What does it entail? Simply put, it implies that fashion designers and production units should regard fair practices in terms of both human rights and environmental protection in manufacturing clothes. When what you wear has no artificial substance in it and has not violated human laws then you can call it ethical fashion, although there are many more points that can be added to this.

One of the important factors is also how consumers are being informed about the products. Brands or designers should mention clearly about how the product has been made – materials used, manufacturing process and safe circumstances for craftsmen and workers.

Keeping these factors in mind, myverduracare.com sources its products from such manufacturers and designers who follow these norms. Quality assurance is mandatory for this platform that helps to connect people who are equipped with environmental awareness and are keen to buy products that help to sustain the world that we live in.

Sometimes called as ‘Slow Fashion’, fabric or garments that are ethically made have not become a style statement, an intimate way of saying, ‘I Care’ at myverduracare.com do just that.

Authored By :

Supreeta Singh, Writer and Publicist, India

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