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We are a bunch of overly enthusiastic eco-warriors who believe in the famous saying of Dalai Lama – “It is our collective and individual responsibility to preserve and tend to the world in which we live.”  Verdura - literary means greenery. Through this name our brand evokes our core values of promoting eco-friendliness, sustainability, and renewability. is a multi-award-winning online platform for curated premium eco-friendly, sustainable, handmade, and artisanal products. We strictly follow and adhere to the UN Sustainability Development Goals while listing the products on our platform.
The core of establishment of is to cultivate a greener environment for every inhabitant of our Mother Earth through eco-friendly products and sustainable habits. From non-violent silk to bamboo-based personal care items, organic cotton interlock rompers to wood-based toys and sustainable designer wear and accessories. All the products displayed in our website have the similar aim - to provide you with an opportunity to be an Eco warrior. is the online e-commerce platform of Verdura Care Private Limited. We are an Indian company with a global operation and caters to a strong customer base in India, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, USA, UK. We value our customers and we always strive to only bring the best for you and your beloved ones. Every product in MyVerduraCare is ensured to be chemical free so that it is safe for you, your family, and the environment too.

What makes us different?

Apart from providing values to our customers and community, we also strive to contribute to the environment, the society, and the economy. Therefore, MyVerduraCare is recognized by the MSME Chamber of Commerce & Industry of India Greentech Asia for our consistent efforts in shaping a greener environment for our world. Our relentless efforts earn us the title of “Most Socially Responsible Company of the Year 2020” and “Green India Clean Indian Initiative of the Year”. That is not all. After being founded for a year, MyVerduraCare immediately gained trust from our customers and stakeholders and earned ourselves “Winner of Top Start-Up Companies” and “Winner of MADcon Top 100 Companies Globally” for quality excellence in 2019. 
    We believe in not only protecting our beautiful planet but also empowering our community, local and small businesses. Almost 90% of the products by MyVerduraCare are the crafts of women’s ideas. We want to support women in achieving their goals and to encourage them to involve themselves in entrepreneurship. Every now and then, we collaborate with different womenpreneurs, local micro brands from India and around the world to share our expertise and journey in entrepreneurship. 
      Small businesses are like the bolts that hold your cupboard together - they are small, but they play an integral role in structuring the economy of the country. Missing a piece, the framework collapses. In this case, MyVerduraCare is the bolt. We pride ourselves on playing this integral role and at the same time having the ability to provide a platform to help more micro brands and small businesses to display their unique creations through our website without having to crack their heads on the technology, logistics and marketing aspects. With more pieces coming together working hand-in-hand, we believe that we will be able to amplify the power of each small business under the umbrella of MyVerduraCare. 
        Quality and Customer Satisfaction is our priority 

        we value our customers and we always strive to only bring the best for you and your beloved ones. Every product in MyVerduraCare is ensured to be chemical free and maintains the quality standard as per our set parameters so that it is safe for you, your family, and the environment too. We make sure that all the items are tested and gone through various required manufacturing research and goes through the evaluation process by our team on manufacturing process, quality, packaging standards so that your purchase from us is high grade. By the time your purchases are delivered to your hands, we are sure that the items will put on a broad smile on you and your family’s face. 


        Socially responsible 

        The ability to give is stronger than the ability to receive. We have collaborated with Society for Indian Children’s Welfare (SICW), India to help underprivileged children in India complete their higher education. We strongly believe that children are the most valuable asset of a nation, and each child deserves an equal chance to achieve their dreams. With that, every purchase customer make on MyVerduraCare is a part of the movement involved in contributing towards educating a child. We have so far taken up few girls from remote parts of West Bengal under our wings and financing their higher education with the help of SICW. This is our humble effort in our small way to contribute and share the light of education.

          We welcome you to our world - A step towards a greener, sustainable, and empowered world.