Tree Stacker
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Tree Stacker

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A simple tree shaped stacker that helps your child with motor development, spatial relationships, hand eye coordination and creative development. Made from organic wood and non toxic paints your little one is free to explore and enjoy.

This elegant toy helps with Develop hand eye coordination – when your child picks a slab and places it on another he/she coordinates his/her hand using their vision. This is a basic skill that helps them with everything they do with their hands in the future.
Develops motor skills – picking the slab using their fingers and inserting it on the stick correctly helps the fine motor skills develop. Moving the slab from a mat to insert them on the stick helps develop gross motor skills.
Develops spatial relationships – this toy can help children to gauge the relationship of an object with respect to its space. Stacking a small slab over a big one helps a child understand more about spaces and sizes.
Develops language – they are introduced to several forms of adjectives like large, small, smaller etc with the help of this toy. They are also introduced to colors minimally.
Develops creative play – there is not just one way to play with this toy. A child’s creativity has no limits and this toys gives them that opportunity. The slabs can be stacked upside down, can be used as tree in pretend play and much more.

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