Brass Bookmarks (Pack of 2)
Brass Bookmarks (Pack of 2)
Brass Bookmarks (Pack of 2)
Brass Bookmarks (Pack of 2)
Brass Bookmarks (Pack of 2)
Brass Bookmarks (Pack of 2)
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Brass Bookmarks (Pack of 2)

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These striking Brass Bookmarks are surely beyond it's neat and contemporary look. The creative geometric shapes have a stylish vibe. These are ideal as gift ideas for people who love spending time in reading and writing. 

Along with being beautiful they are useful, fun and engaging- basically these forms inspire people to expand their creativity and use it as a key-chain, bag badge, etc. etc. etc. 

So let's say kudos to the eco-friendly way of life and let's make every choice count!

PACK OF TWO contains 1 of each design:

The Dash Dot: 3cm Diameter
The Pentagram: 2.5cm x 3cm (outer dimensions)
Colour: Original Brass finish

Note: All the characteristics of brass like the tiny blemishes are natural. Minor imperfections confirm the authenticity of the metal. These marks will enrich as time goes by. If in case, you find it too weathered after a point here's a friendly tip; Dip the piece in vinegar for few minutes and there it is back to its polished form.


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