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Shop From Anywhere in the World and Get it Delivered to Your Doorstep
Shop From Anywhere in the World and Get it Delivered to Your Doorstep

All Natural Probiotic Cloth Pad And Diaper Soap (Pack Of 1)


GOLI SODA Introduces 100% Natural And Eco-Friendly Cloth Pad And Washable Diaper Soap Bar Contains No Parabens, Phthalates, Additives, Preservatives And Synthetic Chemicals. No Palm Oil Is Used For The Manufacturing Of The Soap With The Aim To Sustain And Protect Rain Forests A Products That Have A Positive Impact On Your Health As Well As Preserving The Environment. This Probiotics And Prebiotics Cotton Cloth Soap Bar Offers A Combination Of Cleansing, Skin Loving Ingredients With Natural Anti-Bacterial And Anti-Fungal Properties, In Composition With Eco-Friendly Stain Removers Sodium Bicarbonate, White Vinegar And Hydrogen Peroxide.


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