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Shop From Anywhere in the World and Get it Delivered to Your Doorstep
Shop From Anywhere in the World and Get it Delivered to Your Doorstep

Pika Pouch - Organizer & Travel Kit

Color: Black

A Plastic-free Pika as it uses no form of plastic materials, polyester, plastic fittings or plastic chains & it is vegan. Pika pouch (named after a vulnerable species Pika)is small and yet powerful in organizing your small stuff. Never lose your small things & never waste time on trying to make way in clutter anymore.



Sturdy & Quirky Shape (like the pika animal)

3 organizers on the inside

Key Clip in front pockets

Classy Design with super organization

Made with Water Resistant Sustainable Fabrics and Cotton interlinings


Our Material:

Waxed canvas, a vegan, water-resistant natural fabric used in military bags

Cotton Interlinings

World's Best Fastening YKK Chains

Canvas Highlights


Size: 25*15*4 cm



Within 5-7 days of placing the order.


About Clan Earth:

Clan Earth is India's first company to make plastic-free backpacks.

They work with experienced local artisans in Kolkata to handcraft durable, highly utilitarian, minimal in style bags out of sustainable fabrics. They also plant 5 trees per bag sold to restore the planet. Their bags are named after endangered & vulnerable animals so that while the bags have your back, you are reminded of our co-existence with nature & animals.


A unique 'Models of Clan Earth' campaign in which they model their bags with young adults from slum communities to boost their confidence & help fund their college fees has been really loved.

They use their business as a force for doing good. They have planted more than 700 trees so far and are on their mission to plant 10,000 trees this year. They are one name that stands for social & environmental sustainability. When you use their bags, you know that you made the better choice for yourself & the planet.



To help restore the planet, we plant 5 trees per bag bought from us. We have already planted 500+ trees.

To help fight poverty & provide employment, we work with local artisans in Kolkata to handcraft your beautiful bags.


We are the last generation to help save the planet. Let's do it together.


Kindly note: Return and Exchange Terms

Our return and exchange policy covers only products received by buyer with manufacturing defects or received in a damaged condition. It also applies to products which are wrongly shipped and doesn’t match with your original order invoice.

The products requested for return or exchange must be in its original condition as received with its original packaging and labels. Hygiene products are not exchangeable unless there is a manufacturing defect and the product is completely kept in an unused format exactly as received by the buyer.


For a detailed read on our policies please visit the policies page in our website.