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Welcome to MyVerduraCare

The core of the establishment of is to cultivate a greener environment for every inhabitant of our Mother Earth through eco-friendly products and sustainable habits. From Montessori toys to non-violent silk to bamboo-based personal care items, organic cotton clothing, sustainable designer wear, and accessories to organic food and beverages, and much more. All the products displayed on our website have a similar aim - to provide you with an opportunity to be an eco warrior and embrace sustainable living practices.

Skill Building Toys

Shop for our wooden Montessori toys to help your child develop motor skills, coordination, mobility and cognitive skills. Our toys are ideal for new-born up to pre-teens.

Organic HERBAL Tea

Shop from a range of aromatic first flush Darjeeling tea to the flavors of Assam and Nigiris to organic green, herbal and flavoured teas beautifully packaged in handcrafted wooden boxes to make an ideal gift.


Shop for handmade paper-mache or beautifully crafted wooden crockeries and décor items to recycled paper stationaries by local Indian craftsmen and artists.

Organic Pet Care

Your pet needs all your love and care. Why expose them to harmful chemicals? Shop for our cruelty free and organic pet care products to shower them with the love they deserve.


We feel honoured when we are appreciated for our work. Apart from providing values to our customers and community, we also strive to contribute to the environment, the society and the economy. This is why Myverduracare is a multi award-winning company which is recognized by the MSME Chamber of Commerce & Industry of India Greentech Asia for our consistent efforts in shaping a greener environment for our world. Our relentless efforts earned us the title of Most Socially Responsible Company of the Year 2020 and Green India Clean Indian Initiative of the Year. That's not all, after being founded for a year, Myverduracare immediately gained trust and love from our customers from across the globe and earned ourselves Winner of Top Start-Up Companies and Winner of MADcon Top 100 Companies Globally for quality excellence.


Check out our blogs written by our wonderful team members and writers from India and global locations on various important topics related to sustainable living practices. Do keep an eye here for upcoming newsletters too.

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Join us to educate a child - Let's spread the light of education

The ability to give is stronger than the ability to receive. We have collaborated withSociety for Indian Children’s Welfare (SICW) to help underprivileged children in India fulfill their dreams of higher education. We strongly believe that children are the most valuable asset one could have and each childdeserves an equal chance to achieve their dreams. With that, every purchase our customers makein Myverduracare will be part of the movement involved in making donations to SICW.

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We ship all our domestic and international shipment with our globally recognized corporate logistics partners for the timely and efficient delivery of customer orders.


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