Elevate Your Gifting Experience: Choose Memorable and Impactful Gifts.

Verdura Care is a prominent provider of impactful gifting solutions in Qatar. We take pride in being the first company in Qatar to seamlessly integrate gifting with cutting-edge technology and sustainability. Our gifting solutions are thoughtfully tailored to your specific occasions, events, and recipients, ensuring they leave an indelible mark. They are characterised by their environmental consciousness, being both waste-free and plastic-free, with minimal environmental impact.

Under the banner of 'A million trees more, a greener Qatar,' we have launched an initiative to contribute to the preservation of Qatar's rich biodiversity and ecology, aligning with the goals of Qatar National Vision 2030 for sustainability.

The name 'Verdura' embodies our brand's core values of promoting eco-friendliness, sustainability, and renewability through our customised gifting and merchandising solutions, which encompass physical, experiential, and digital products.

For inquiries or to explore our offerings further, please get in touch with us at care@myverduracare.com.

At Verdura Care, we redefine gifting – making it not just a gesture but a statement of impact.

We are taking a step everyday

Our Mission is to make Qatar Plastic-free, Greener and Healthier
71,707 plastic bottles prevented from going to landfill
33,922 Carbon Emissions Reduced (inKGCo2)

*Data as of September 2023*