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5 Small Changes for a Green Future

by Verdura Care Qatar on June 16, 2021

The best place to start small changes is at home. Sustainable changes in our lifestyle can help pave the way to a healthier future. Ecological concern can be the backbone of our daily use items. We can be more intuitive with the products used while hosting parties. Here are five green must-haves for an eco-responsible household:

Areca Leaf Products

Areca leaves are a natural and biodegradable alternate to silver foil and plastic plates. These plates get manufactured in a chemical-free process. Fallen husks are cleaned and pressed down through different compressor moulds as per need. Differently shaped plates, trays and bowls are made ready for use in a matter of hours. Post use, they can also be composted and disposed of in a separate bag. Make your partyware more eco-conscious with these plates. CLICK HERE

Edible Cutlery

This cutlery is baked and consist of millet, rice flour, wheat and flavouring spices. They come as spoons, forks, drink stirrers and recently, as bowls as well. This cutlery lessens the use of polluting single-use plastics. The spoons are available in different flavours with different spice levels. The baking process ensures that the products do not get soggy or break. If not consumed, they can be disposed of easily with wet waste. Take your party cutlery to the next level with these eco-cutlery variants. CLICK HERE

Coir Brushes

Replace your plastics with natural coconut husk. Coir can get manufactured as dust mops, bottle brushes, shaving brushes, loofah, toilet brushes etc. Coir is a through skin exfoliant. The bristles can pick up grit easily. It’s resistant to bacteria and will not become putrid over time. Disposing of these products in the soil will help replenish it. Coir product usage will lessen the production of low-grade plastic goods. Give yourself and the environment the best of natural grooming.

Cloth Bags

The lowest grade of plastic bags takes 500 years to decompose. Some even end up in the deepest sea beds causing irreparable damage to ocean life. The usage of sturdy and multi-use cloth/jute bags helps lessen the impact of prevalent pollution. Plus, their durability and longevity make them a must-have item at home. These bags help in the sanitary transport and storage of eatables. Get yourself some cloth bags and keep our oceans clean in the process. CLICK HERE

Bamboo Toilet Paper

Comfort during personal hygiene routines is a must. We must consider the existing ecosystem, especially in current times. Bamboo toilet paper is a beneficial and highly renewable commodity. This product variant doesn’t need to undergo heavy processing and bleaching for manufacture. It is soft and is safe to flush as it breaks down into sludge. Get yourself a pack of this eco-friendly hygiene product today.

Our future depends on us being fore nature inclined. Thus, sustainability is a needed change we need to incorporate into our lifestyles. At MyVerduracare.com, we bring to you curated collections of environment-sensitive products. Come and browse through our range of eco-friendly/green products. Save the world through ecological product usage and awareness.


Authored by: Meghana Ravichandran, Content Writer at MyVerduraCare