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Essential Baby Accessories for Your Little One

by Verdura Care Qatar on February 21, 2020

Kids are always precious to us. Even before a baby is born, we plan for his or her arrival. We buy baby clothes, and start stocking up the house with baby accessories. Even the near and dear ones start looking up cute gift sets, stuffed toys, and everything fancy. And when the little one is born, you want to protect him or her from all possible harm. You want to buy the right diaper and the most delicate booties, every product should be just perfect, isn’t it? But, where do you find authentic, eco-friendly, and sustainable baby accessories?

At Myverduracare.com, you will find some very essential handmade and sustainable baby accessories that are perfect for your child's growing and grooming needs. Here is a peek into our three most popular baby accessories.


This innovative bag actually opens into a bed. Its outer cover made of pure cotton, which is both soft and safe (chemical free) for your baby’s delicate skin, making this one of the most popular baby accessories.

Diaper bags:

These canvas and vegan leather diaper bags are a must-have in the list of essential baby accessories. These bags are not only pretty and useful, but are also very durable. The large pockets lining the inner and outer walls of the diaper bags allow efficient storage and access. The best part is that you can simply wipe and clean the exterior of these diaper bags.

Eco-friendly toys:

Myverduracare.com has a great collection of sustainable, eco-friendly, and handmade toys for babies and growing kids. From rattles for your newborn to stackers, shakers, puzzles, all the way to Montessori school kit: you are sure to find the right toy for your kid here.

Visit Myverduracare.com to explore a wide variety of handmade, sustainable, eco-friendly, and affordable baby accessories. From beddings, pillows, quilts, bolsters, caps to educational books and toys, you will find everything you need for your kid.

Myverduracare offers worldwide shipping with free shipping in India, cash on delivery option, and guarantees safe online transactions. Don’t forget to get your loyalty card while shopping at Myverduracare.com.


Authored By : 

Purbasha, Blogger, India