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June and it's celebrations

by Verdura Care Qatar on June 03, 2021

MyVerduraCare.com’s driving force is organicness and sustainability. Our catalogues cater to a healthier tomorrow. As June set’s in, it ushers in multiple days of awareness and celebration. Here are three days that herald the spirit of nature and sustainability:

World Bicycle Day - 3rd June

Bicycles are the cleanest and sustainable means of transportation. Cycling is an evergreen source of entertainment. It’s a great way of getting to know any place better. It also keeps one healthy and helps sort out knee issues. Find out the cycling lanes around your neighborhood. Before you set out on a ride, check your tires/brakes and learn the local traffic hand signs. Invest in a riding helmet that fits you properly. Wear clothes made of breathable material per the weather. Be sure to wear padded socks that brace your ankles and shoes that give full coverage and are comfortable. Opt to take only your water bottle and few essential items on your ride. Have meetups with your friends in different parts of your hometown. Rediscover your surroundings in a new light. CLICK HERE


World Environment Day - 5th June

We must treasure the greenery we live with. Young children and adults alike benefit from knowing how precious our living environments are. A good place to begin is by starting a home garden. Tending to the plants and reaping fruits/vegetables from them will be a valuable lesson. Assigning ownership over a plant’s upkeep will instil a sense of responsibility. Nature walks while learning about the local flora and fauna will add to their knowledge of ecological balance. Old plastic bottles can be repurposed into feeders for avian visitors. Small vessels of water can be placed outside one’s house for any wildlife. Learn from your local authorities about how to keep your neighborhood clean and green. Volunteer for tree-planting drives and reforestation activities. Encourage your loved ones to have an eco-friendly outlook on life.

 World Oceans Day - 8th June

Oceans are a major part of humanity’s sustenance and oxygen provision. They are home to more than 1 million species of animals. There is a current dire need to aid in saving this aquatic biodiversity. We have to find a solution to the damage caused by inorganic consumerism, oil spills and overfishing. Swapping out single-use plastics with metal and cloth variants is a good place to start. Organizing bi-monthly beach and shore cleanups can help keep a percentage of toxic garbage out of the water bodies. Become a volunteer at marine rescue and rehabilitation centers. Showcase documentaries based on different aquatic animals. Emphasize the need to take action now for a better future.


Authored by: Meghana Ravichandran, Content Writer at MyVerduraCare