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The Majesty of Indian Yarns

by Verdura Care Qatar on January 11, 2019

Twelve yards of flowing silk draping a woman with intricate embroidery. Soft to the touch cotton seamlessly adapting to the environment and weather. Handwoven material ready to be turned into the finest garments. Elegant jute falling magnificently for a stunning and sophisticated effect. Winter dreams converted into the warmth of woolen pleasure. Talk about fabric and the variety and beauty of Indian yarns is inimitable and unparalleled across the world.

India is home to a vast array of fabrics that are coveted internationally. From shimmering silk and cool cotton to handloom items, woolen wear, and earthy jute – the sheer depth and unique selling point of each of them is mind-blowing. As the second country in the world in the hierarchy of global textile manufacturers, India produces a whooping amount of fabrics that are immediately bought by international brands.

From North to South and East to West, each region of India produces a specific kind of fabric that is quintessentially a sublime part of that particular culture. A place where tradition meets modernity, the ancient marries the contemporary and the age-old beliefs finds expression in reinvented modes of presentation, India undoubtedly becomes the richest source of finest fabrics. The most interesting thing about fabrics in India is that they have a story to tell, a narrative of the life of the people who produced it and who wear it. Fabrics of India are an intrinsic part of not only the livelihood but also the life of its people.

In the twenty-first century, with the consciousness of people being driven more towards green living and saving the environment, Indian fabrics have become more popular because of their organic characteristics. As opposed to man-made fabrics, the cornerstone of Indian fabric is the eco-friendly and sustainable methods of production which makes it a fabric of the future too. As the demand and utility of rise, Indian fabrics are poised to take over the world with a storm!

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Authored By : 

Supreeta Singh, Writer and Publicist, India