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What Your Skin Deserves

by Verdura Care Qatar on April 07, 2021

Your body is a work of art. Your skin is the precious canvas. Did you know that your skin is the largest organ of your body? It has been there with you since day one and has been through so much with you. Your skin holds memories of your physical growth and changes. It carries your childhood scar lines, stretch marks of growth, birthmarks and even signs of stress like fine lines, crow’s feet, dryness and red patches.

Your skin reflects your state of being in the most open form. Even if your skin is in the pink of health or feeling dull for days, give it the gentle care it deserves.

So, what can you do to help out your skin? (And by extension yourself!)

For starters, get to know what makes up the skincare products you use.

Mass-produced skin care products contain chemical ingredients like sulphates, parabens, petrolatum, silicone, mineral oil etc. 

Brands often mimic organic materials with synthetic lab-produced variants for consistent scents in every batch. These artificial ingredients are toxic to the body and cause hormonal imbalances with prolonged use. Since shelf life is their focus, such products are preservative driven and are often major allergy causers.

Your next step? Switch to pro-natural ingredients based brands!

Amayra Naturals is a new eco brand that you can find on our website myverduracare.com. They are transparent with their ingredients and use naturally sourced components. Their products are hypoallergenic and inclusive to all skin types. Here are a few recommendations from their collection:

  1. Kaushay-Mongo Butter & Grapefruit Face N Body Creme

The perfect pick to keep your skin hydrated and happy all around. This creme is rich in nutritional benefits owing to it’s cold-pressed ingredients. Get one for yourself and bid a glad farewell to dry skin ruptures.

  1. Fit Skinology Hemp seed Oil + Rosemary + Mint Body Butter

Your solution to the extreme elements of urban life. This body butter will help soothe your tired feet, strengthen your nails and cut down acne. Grab your body butter to get relief from clogged pores and daily pollution.

  1. Ghritkumari-Face Gel

Sunny days will never discourage you now. This gel is the calming answer to soothing sensitive skin and sunburns. It also helps even out your skin tone. Claim yours now to get a cooling shield for the summer.

Can’t wait to get them? Come over to myverduracare.com to explore and see the whole catalogue of Amayra Naturals.

We have face serums, toners, vitamin oils, body wash, hair and scalp care oils and a lot more on myverduracare.com.

Visit our site to know the natural side of self-care.


Authored by: Meghana Ravichandran, Content Writer at MyVerduraCare