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Which ones should you use? Plastic-Free Products!

by Verdura Care Qatar on May 18, 2021

Do you know the amount of plastic you regularly use? It may come as an uncomfortable surprise. Think about your routine products - toothbrushes, combs, loofahs, sanitary wear, water bottles and delivered products. According to one news article in 2019, the average Indian uses 11kgs of plastic yearly. Multiplied with the enormous population, this is resulting in a landfill and segregation disaster. Here are some hard truths and sustainable alternatives: 

In India alone, more than 44,125 million kilos of unrecyclable waste is made of menstruation disposals. The plastic used in pads is not biodegradable. They take up to 800 years to decompose. Recently, there has been a noticeably predominant switch to menstrual cups. The cups are a green and more financially sound choice. They are the socio-economically sound product required for a natural occurrence in the body. Find your reusable cloth pads and menstrual cupsClick Here.

Did you know that plastic toothbrushes take 1000 years to decompose? Switching over to bamboo or wooden brushes is the best eco option available. Such eco toothbrushes can reduce chances of marine pollution. Their production is also eco friendly and they are compostable. Help out the environment by getting your brushes  Click Here.

Our un-recyclable hairbrushes and combs have to be replaced every 6 months. These haircare tools end up becoming toxic landfill or micro plastic ocean debris. Switching over to natural wooden combs is a win - win situation for both you and the environment. Wooden combs boost blood circulation resulting in healthier hair and they are more durable. Get your natural hair styler Click Here.


Single use straws are one of the prime toxic aquatic pollutants. They endanger turtles, seabirds and marine creatures who mistakenly consume them as organic matter. Switching over to metal straws can help in reducing such tragic impacts. Plus owning your own set ensures hygiene and ensures less pollution of the ecosystem. Such sustainable straws can also be made out of bamboo that can later be composted. Find the eco straw meant for you Click Here. 

There is an strong need to rethink our global production patterns. 4 more patches have been discovered apart from the great pacific garbage patch in the north pacific ocean. Our oceans beds are being poisoned and drastically changed by the non-degradable plastic across decades. It’s up to us now to rally for a greener and locally sustained future. The time to switch to sustainable products is now.


Authored by: Meghana Ravichandran, Content Writer at MyVerduraCare